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SEO Blackpool

seo blackpool button top header 225x272 transparentCleverBox Digital Marketing is a Lancashire-based Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company that specialises in helping Blackpool-based businesses achieve a high search engine ranking on major search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo. We implement a number of effective and proven SEO strategies that will help get your Blackpool business, services and products on to the first page of respected search engines for key words and key phrases.

Our SEO Blackpool service is available to all businesses across the Blackpool & Fylde, regardless of size and budget. We provide two types of SEO services in Blackpool; ‘Small Business SEO’ and ‘Bespoke SEO’. Our ‘Small Business SEO’ service is ideal for small – medium sized businesses who want to be recognised online, whilst our more bespoke SEO  is designed to meet the needs and demands of larger companies and in particular the industry they serve.

So whether you are looking to organically grow your online presence to Blackpool consumers through our local ”Small Business SEO’ service, or compete nationally for your services and products using our ‘Bespoke SEO’ service, CleverBox Digital Marketing is your number 1 choice for SEO services in Blackpool.

SEO Blackpool – For Small Business

Small Business SEO is ideal for small – medium sized businesses in Blackpool who want to be seen on Google, Bing and Yahoo for services they provide to their local economy. We take the quality-assured aspects of our bespoke SEO service and condense them down, allowing for small businesses within the Fylde area to take advantage. Neither the quality nor the customer engagement between us and our clients is minimised, only the price you pay.

By offering our Blackpool SEO services at an affordable price, we believe we are helping local businesses in the area compete within their given market for the long term; afterall SEO is now regarded as an essential marketing tool for any-sized business across the world. To find out more, please click here.


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“Getting to #1 on Google, Bing & Yahoo will give your website around 33% of the entire clicks made per month for your respected keywords.”

Bespoke SEO in Blackpool 

Our bespoke SEO service is ideal for clients who compete in a competitive national or global market, which requires a more extensive, bespoke SEO service in order to achieve a higher page ranking result. We use a number of additional SEO practices to give our clients’ websites a page 1 rank. This includes a number of more high quality SEO practices, including: Quality website content, quality blog commenting and engagement, press releases and social media backlink generation.

If you are a Blackpool based business who is looking to reach a regional, national or global market via search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo, then our bespoke SEO service is ideal for you. We provide a page 1 ranking service and results are visible within just three months, making our Bespoke SEO service the number 1 SEO service in Blackpool. To find out more on our Bespoke SEO service please click here.

Talk to the SEO Experts

Have you ever wondered how SEO friendly your website is? Take advantage of our free SEO analysis today, and let our SEO experts assess how we can improve quality visitor numbers to your website. It’s completely FREE and it includes keyword analysis + a free consultation quotation. Simply fill in the form to your right and we will respond with your detailed analysis shortly.

FREE SEO Website Analysis
Have you ever wondered how SEO friendly your website is? Receive your FREE SEO analysis today.

SEO – An Essential Tool for my Blackpool Business

SEO involves a number of key aspects that major search engines use to identify the relevance of your business’ website in relation to a key word or phrase a user has put into the search bar of that respected search engine. What this enables is for users to quickly access their need or query at the click of a mouse. Their need or query could be anything from looking for a local plumber in Blackpool to searching for a good place to eat out in a particular area of the Fylde Coast.

Be aware, if your business doesn’t currently use any SEO services then you are dramatically decreasing your chances of potential customers finding you and your website, and as a result your business will be missing out on potential leads and clients. The necessity for local businesses in Blackpool to market their services online through implementing SEO is therefore vitally important and is now an essential aspect of any business’ marketing plan. With all of our SEO Blackpool services we incorporate tried and tested, proven SEO strategies.

Current Working Example Of Our Work

Scarf Room is a working example of putting our bespoke SEO services into motion. Scarf Room is a leading UK retailer for unique women’s scarves, pashminas and shawls, including silk scarves. For their full scarf collection of women’s scarves, visit their website – Scarf Room – Women’s Scarves, Pashminas & Shawls.

In just one month, in an extremely competitive market, we have managed to get Scarf Room within the top ten pages of Google, for the major keywords associated with their products, including scarves for womencashmere scarfsnoods and head scarves. Within 6-9 months we intend to have them competing with the major high street retailers for women’s scarves.

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If you are looking for a dynamic SEO service in Blackpool that can give your business a high search engine ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo, contact CleverBox Digital Marketing today. Call 01772 368 087 to receive your free consultation quotation, or alternatively, enquire online.
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